Colorado + 49 Cidery & Pub: With the passion of offering house crafted beverages paired with food created with local community in mind, from there an idea emerged of having a Cider house paired with a scratch themed kitchen. In 2016 the idea became a reality as the plans of converting a local institution formerly known as Golden Coin-Op Laundry into a Cidery & Pub was in the works!

The House Cider: 7 bbl Cidery so that we can focus on ale yeast strains as opposed to wine or cider specific strains.

The Food: The marriage of having a house cider with a scratch themed kitchen under one roof was our main mission in offering the best dining experience to the local community.

The Drink: 29 draft options including: House made Ciders, Sodas, Colorado Plus Beers and Beers from other States.